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Wine Tasting at Home

Wine Tasting at Home


Join Allison for an educational hour exploring classic wines Sundays at 3pm.  The Spicy Red tasting will explore three grape varieties from around the world sure to warm up the soul!  Ideal for a chilly Sunday night inside. 


The link will provide you with: 

  • Wine List - 3 sommelier-selected bottles found at the LCBO
    • Syrah 32.95
    • Primitivo 14.95
    • Peitit Sirah 23.95
  • Wine Pairing Suggestions - Cheese, Charcuterie & Snacks
  • Zoom Link to guided tasting 
  • Dinner recipe to pair with the wine selection


Collect the featured wines, some suggested snacks and lets explore the wines together over zoom! 


***One zoon link is intended for up to 3 persons maximum. *** 

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